Emilio De Fabris, Project for the façade of the Cathedral

Museo dell'Ottocento
Height: 85,5 cm; Width: 61,5 cm;

Project for the facade of Santa Maria del Fiore, in brown ink and watercolour on paper, designed by Emilio De Fabris, architect responsible for the construction of the new Cathedral front, in 1876.

This plan is one of the last variants, developed by De Fabris between 1871 and 1877, after the start of work on the Cathedral facade. Following his success in the third competition, held in 1868, De Fabris proceeded with his original project. Starting from July 1873, while still advocating the superiority of the tricuspid shape, he began to study variants in the basilica type. The semi-vaults that terminated the smaller side aisles were covered by May 1883, and at this time De Fabris prepared a test of “crowning” of these parts, for submission to consultation with the citizenry. Subsequently, the decision was made to complete each sides with a gallery walkway along the height of the elevation.

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Museo dell'Ottocento