The Luggage Storage is also mandatory for visitors to the Bell Tower 2023-05-23

From 1st June, visitors to the Bell Tower (Brunelleschi and Giotto Pass owners) will be able to access the monument only and exclusively without luggage. ... Read all

The new version of the Baptismal Registers of Florence (1450-1900) is online 2023-05-22

Until the first decades of the 20th century, those born in Florence had only one place to receive the first sacrament: the Baptistery of San Giovanni ... Read all

From 3 May entrance to the Cathedral through the Porta dei Cornacchini 2023-05-03

Due to ongoing restorations, from Wednesday 3 May 2023, visitors who want to access the Cathedral and/or Santa Reparata will have to enter through the ...
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The Pazzi Conspiracy on Podcast 2023-04-26

The podcast series dedicated to one of the bloodiest episodes in Florentine history is underway
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From 1 May a new free luggage storage for visitors to the Dome who will have to store bulky items
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