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Projects for accessibility

Accessibility programs are temporarily suspended due to the health emergency.

We are improving our services to be able to offer everyone the chance to enjoy the monumental complex of Piazza Duomo fully. We have done our best to make the Museum's monuments and exhibition spaces accessible, fitting them with ramps and, wherever possible, lifts, and offering alternative and inclusive dedicated services.

Wheelchairs are available at the entrance to the Cathedral and the Museum. The security staff is always available for any request or information.

Access to service animals (guide dogs for the blind and others) is allowed upon submission of the required certification.

Below you will find all the useful information for each monument.

The Accessibility Office of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore focuses on facilitating access and enjoyment of the monumental complex by any visitor, focussing especially on people with temporary or permanent difficulties and impairments of any type: cognitive, sensorial, physical, motor or social.

Since 2016 we have developed inclusive and specific projects which we continuously update and evolve also through collaborations and comparisons with associations and related institutions, including offers dedicated to the peculiar needs of people, all of this with a strong drive to adapt methodologies, tools and itineraries and create different activities, custom-tailored for different needs.

Custom-tailored Visits

Highly customised path, designed to meet the specific needs of individuals or groups that are not part of structured projects and which is modulated on the basis of particular requests.


For any information write to this address:

Guida Accessibilità


The masterpieces of the Opera del Duomo Museum 

in a path accessible to everyone


Multi-sensory video guide in

Italian Sign Language suitable

for any type of user


Project aimed at people with Alzheimer's

and other forms of dementia through

dialogic activities, creative storytelling

and gestural expression.


Project aimed at people with neurodevelopment,

for homogeneous groups of people

who share the same problematic,

or for heterogeneous groups.

Blue reflections

Project aimed specifically to people

with autism spectrum disorde


Project aimed at people with psychopathological

or medical disorders that cause cognitive, emotional,

physical or social discomfort as well as the people

who take care of them.