Atrio del Teatro degli Intrepidi

Ground Floor

The New Staircase occupies the space corresponding to the foyer of the late eighteenth-century theatre Regio Teatro degli Intrepidi, also known as 'della Pallacorda' and 'Teatro Nuovo' built with the approval of the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo Habsburg-Lorraine on the space until then occupied by laboratories, warehouses and courtyards of the Opera del Duomo. the ceiling above the Scalone Nuovo is the only element of the eighteenth-century structure visible today. Renovated in the years 1839-1840, the Teatro degli Intrepidi experienced a slow and progressive decline from 1870 onwards, being reduced to an industrial warehouse in 1914, when the stalls, the stage and the relative plastic and pictorial decorations were dismantled.


Atrio del Teatro degli Intrepidi - Scalone nuovo
12-13_atrio teatro degli intrepidi e scalone nuovo