Various sculptors, Musician angels

Guidi, Jacopo di Piero - Luca di Giovanni da Siena - Piero di Giovanni Tedesco
Sala del Paradiso
Original location
Cathedral, medieval facade
White marble

Marble group of six angel musicians, realized for the original facade of the Cathedral in the 1380s by Jacopo di Piero Guidi, Luca di Giovanni da Siena and Piero di Giovanni Tedesco. This series of sculptures, which may originally have comprised eight angels with musical instruments, crowned the central portal of the Cathedral. They were probably placed on each side of the group of the Madonna and Child enthroned between Saint Reparata and Saint Zenobius by Arnolfo di Cambio, hymning Mary and her son, God made man, with their celestial music. Possibly a reference to Psalm 150: “Praise the Lord (…), praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with the strings and pipe, praise him with the clash of cymbals…”. 

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Sala del Paradiso