Piero Tedesco and Niccolò Lamberti, Doctors of the Church

Piero di Giovanni Tedesco - Lamberti Niccolò di Pietro, known as "Pela"
Sala del Paradiso
Original location
Cathedral, medieval facade
White marble

Marble statues, possibly representing Saints Jerome, Ambrose, Augustine and Gregory, the Doctors of the Church, realized for the original facade of the Cathedral by Niccolò di Pietro Lamberti and Pietro di Giovanni Tedesco between 1395 and 1401. These statues from the original facade of the Cathedral are traditionally identified as the four great Doctors of the Western Church. Records from 1395 show that the master builder of the time had ordered four large blocks of marble for their execution and the painter Agnolo Gaddi venne had been paid to make drawings for the four figures. Piero di Giovanni was commissioned to sculpt Saints Jerome and Ambrose, while Niccolò di Pietro Lamberti was entrusted with the statues of Saints Augustine and Gregory. After the original facade was demolished in 1587 the statues were used to adorn gardens, and possibly altered to their present form, crowned with laurel and holding books. However some scholars maintain that this was their original guise and that they represent illustrious exponents of Humanist culture rather than the Doctors of the Church. 

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Sala del Paradiso