Various scultpros, Christ in glory, Christ blessing and two prophets

Talenti, Francesco - Nanni di Bartolo - Andrea Pisano
14th, 15th cent
Original location
Giotto's bell tower, east side, entrance portal, top of the tympanum
White marble

Two small marble statues of bearded prophets, one with a turban and the other bare-headed, possibly carved by Nanni di Bartolo at the beginning of the 15th century. Marble Christ in glory (?) by Francesco Talenti from the third quarter of the 14th century and a Christ Blessing by Andrea Pisano, second quarter of the 14th century. The two bearded prophets lack any of the traditional indications of their identity, and are conventionally known as Small Bearded Prophet Wearing a Turban and Small Bearded Prophet Without a Turban. Originally the two statues were set on the pinnacles on either side of the Campanile portal, flanking the statue of Christ which occupied the central pinnacle. The three statues we see today above the door are copies. The statues commemorate the link between Christ and the prophets, between the Old Testament and the New, in a single path to salvation. The statue portraying Christ raising his right hand in blessing may come from another building in the piazza, and is linked to Andrea Pisano, the most important artist who worked on the Campanile reliefs. 

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