Donatello, Thoughtfull prophet

Original location
Giotto's bell tower, east side, niche
White marble
Height: 195 cm; Width: 71 cm; Depth: 51,5 cm;

This marble sculpture is a masterpiece by Donatello created for installation on the Bell Tower of Giotto, in 1418-1420: the original location was on east side, at the third level, in the first niche from the right. The sculpture depicts an anonymous prophet, in larger-than-life size, who is commonly known as "The Pensive One" or "The Bearded One". This is because he is depicted as an elderly man, bald and with a long beard who, erect and motionless, who appears absorbed in concerns: with a frowning expression, he rests his chin on his right hand. An ample cloak covers the entire body and forms complex folds; one of these partially hides a scroll (with the prophecy), tightened to the body in the left hand. From his elevated position, the prophet seems to look down, slightly tilting his head, at the inhabitants of the city below.

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