Andrea and Nino Pisano, Sibyls and Prophets

Andrea Pisano - Nino Pisano
Original location
Giotto's bell tower, north side, niches
White marble

Marble statues of the Erythraean and Tiburtine Sibyls, attributed to Nino Pisano, and marble statues of King David and King Solomon sculpted by Andrea Pisano between 1337 and 1341. Catholic tradition holds that both the prophets and the sibyls predicted the coming of Christ the Savior. The Erythraean and Tiburtine Sibyls of classical tradition are both portrayed on the Campanile. They both hold scrolls alluding to their prophesies, and the opening of her prophecy can be read in that of the Erythraean Sibyl. King David and king Solomon are both biblical figures: David lived between 1040 and 980 BC and was king of Israel and a prophet; he holds the scroll with the beginning of his psalm, as if to indicate his authorship of this Old Testament book. Solomon was David’s younger son, who succeeded him on the throne of Israel and built the Temple in Jerusalem; he is thus considered patron of the builders of temples and churches. Solomon is shown with a scroll containing the opening of the Book of Wisdom in his hands, traditionally ascribed to his authorship. David and Solomon are both members of the tribe of Israel into which Christ was subsequently born. 

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