Donatello, Nanni di Banco and Lamberti, Fragments of the Porta della Mandorla

Specific location
A the end, on the wall
Original location
Cathedral, Almond Door
White marble
White marble

Marble reliefs and architectural fragments from the Porta della Mandorla carved from 1404 to1409.  On the top center: Jesus, "Vir Dolorum" by Donatello. The most ornate among the side doors of the Cathedral, the Porta della Mandorla was built between 1391-1422 by various artists. The decoration of the exterior jamb was completed within the first decade of the 15th century by Antonio di Banco, his son Nanni, and Niccolò Lamberti. They were the authors of the two angels, a putto and a Hercules that decorated the sides of the portal. Donatello sculpted the figure of Christ on the lintel keystone using the iconography of the "Vir Dolorum", or “Man of Sorrows”, showing a dead Christ risen from the tomb, displaying his wounds. In the second half of the 19th century these fragments were removed from the portal and replaced by copies.

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