Pietro Francavilla and Annibale Marchissi, Holy bishops (replicas)

Piero Francavilla - Antonio di Annibale Marchissi da Settignano - Opera Laboratori Fiorentini
1589 (2015)
Galleria dei modelli
Lute, plaster, wood (resin)
Modeling (cast)

These three figures are modern reproductions in resin of the statues of Saint Podius and Saint Zanobius by Pietro Francavilla and Saint Andrew by Annibale Marchissi realized in 1589 for the wedding of the Grand Duke Ferdinando I de’ Medici. The work carried out on the Cathedral for the celebration of Ferdinando I’s wedding with Christine of Lorraine included both rich decorations within the cathedral itself and a temporary façade to replace the original medieval façade, demolished in 1587. Part of the temporary architecture were six statues in wood and plaster, malleable materials which could be easily worked to produce quick results. The statues portray some of Florence’s foremost saints: the bishops Zenobius, Podius and Andrew, together with saints Miniato, Giovanni Gualberto and Antonino, their presence symbolizing the city’s history and spiritual greatness. When the temporary structure was dismantled the statues were initially placed along the walls of the aisles inside the cathedral, where they remained until the 19th century. Subsequently they were relegated to an attic above the north-west tribune, where they can still seen as you ascend the Dome. 

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