Gherardo Silvani, Model for the facade of the Cathedral

Gherardo Silvani
Galleria dei modelli
Wood, stucco, pigments
Shaping, shaping, painting
Height: 248,8 cm; Width: 219 cm; Depth: 23 cm;

This wooden model constructed in 1635 by Gherardo Silvani illustrates another project for the new façade of the cathedral to replace the one dismantled by Grand Duke Francesco in 1587. Gherardo Silvani’s model was part of the debate that arose around the construction of the new facade of the cathedral, after the Grand Duke Ferdinand II declared in 1633 that he wished to implement Giovanni Antonio Dosio’s late 16th-century project. Silvani, who was subsequently appointed architect of the Opera del Duomo, designed a model characterized by its richly decorated style and, above all, by two polygonal corner columns culminating in capitals supporting polylobate arches: a Gothic detail mitigating the inevitable differences in style between the modern facade and the 14th-century architecture of the sides of the cathedral. 

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