Don Giovanni de' Medici, Modello di facciata per la Cattedrale

Don Giovanni de'Medici
Galleria dei modelli
Carving, shaping, moulding
Height: 234 cm; Width: 248 cm; Depth: 37,5 cm;

This late 16th-century wooden model by Don Giovanni de 'Medici is one of the proposals for a new facade for the cathedral following the demolition of its medieval predecessor. Among the designers who participated in the competition organized by Grand Duke Francesco de 'Medici, and his successor Ferdinand I in 1587, for the new facade of the Duomo was Don Giovanni de' Medici, half-brother to both the Grand Dukes, son of their father Cosimo I and his mistress Leonora Albizi. Don Giovanni was principally a soldier and military engineer, but also practiced as an ecclesiastical architect, designing the Cappella dei Principi, or Chapel of the Princes, in San Lorenzo in Florence. His model of the cathedral facade is characterized by two orders, like Dosio’s, but with the addition of decorative scrolls and wreaths. 

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