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Didactic tours

With the great talents and values it represents, our monumental complex is an inexhaustible learning resource. The educational offer proposed with the reopening of the Museum has been designed for students of schools of every type and level, as well as for the special visiting public that with the new generations constitutes our Institution’s public of choice. The genuineness and substance of our educational programme, the constant search for ways to approach art, the use of languages that come from various disciplines, and the wide range of workshops dealing with the artisanal processes that have made our tradition unique worldwide are the factors that show how an open dialogue makes it possible to relate to works of art and historical tokens in ways that are always new.

Responsible for planning, building, safeguarding, and promoting the monumental complex since 1296, Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore offers educational activities, courses, seminars, and workshops conceived for different types of visitors: schools of every type and level and the special visiting public. The activities for the schoolgoing public are intended to support and expand upon school programmes, thereby nurturing creative learning, cooperation and the development of diverse skills by means of knowledge, experience, and the discovery of the work of art’s original language.

The educational activities for the special visiting public are proposed as opportunities for inclusion and active participation to stimulate reflection, promote learning, and social interaction. The proposals for visits are joined by workshops aimed at increasing familiarity with the artisanal processes that since the Middle Ages have been handed down until today, in the conviction that promoting this legacy of knowledge is an essential part of a learning process that through the work of art recognises and reveals the work, faith, passion, and genius of the men who created it.

The proposals are divided into four different itineraries.

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Words illustrate beauty: a workshop of words that involves the work of art, art history, the observer, and an educator.

Art crafts

Master craftsmen conduct workshops aimed at understanding the work through the direct and manual knowledge of the artisanal processes with which it was created.


A fact-finding itinerary using multimedia tools in order to expand on the cultural, historical-economic and social context in which the monumental complex of Santa Maria del Fiore was commissioned, designed and realised.


These seminars unveil the knowledge, traditional materials, conservation and construction techniques employed by the workers of Santa Maria del Fiore.