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The Sacristy of the Cathedral

The North Sacristy is a true gem of the Cathedral and a masterpiece of early Renaissance art and artistry. Its walls, which are entirely decorated with illusionistic wood inlay, embody one of the great innovations of the fifteenth century: the application of the new science of linear perspective for the creation of imaginary architectural spaces and their population with noble compositions of sacred history. This achievement endowed the art of intarsia with a status that rivaled the arts of painting and sculpture during its golden age in fifteenth century.

Duration: 45 mins
Phone: +39 055 2302885
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The clock of the Dome

This guided tour along the interior corridor, closed to the public, the counter of the Cathedral, to discover the secrets and the mysteries of the great liturgical clock and its mechanism. The watch has a dial of 7 meters per side with the corners of the prophets prospectively paintings by Paolo Uccello. In front of the clock is inscribed circle of 24 hours, which can be counted starting from the setting sun and dell'Avemaria evening.

Duration: 30 minutes
Phone: +39 055 2302885
Tipology: On request

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