Jacopo di Cione (attr.), San Zenobius and Annunciation with donor

Jacopo di Cione (attr.)
Sala della Maddalena
Original location
Cathedral (Brotherhood of Saint Zenobius?)
Wood, tempera pigments, gold
Painting, gilding
Height: 162 cm; Width: 77 cm; Thickness: 6 cm;

Painting on panel with a large central lozenge depicting Saint Zenobius set in four triangles, the upper two depicting the Annunciation and the lower two depicting the benefactress praying. Attributed to Jacopo di Cione, late 14th century. A hieratic Saint Zanobius in his bishop’s vestments is painted on a gold background. He holds his crosier in his right hand and a book in his left one. A praying figure completely swathed in a dark mantle kneels at his feet to his right. Saint Zenobius has historically been considered a protector of the Florentine church, a staunch defender of the faith and the city alike. His role as an intercessor is clear from the painting, where he ideally links the kneeling supplicant and the Annunciation, mediating between the faithful and the Virgin Mary. 

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Sala della Maddalena