The new Ghiberti Pass 'On-site' is available at the ticket offices 2024-04-03

The new "Ghiberti Pass On-Site" ticket is available, from 3 April 2024, exclusively at the ticket offices in Piazza Duomo, 14 and Piazza San Giovanni, ... Read all

New ticket offices opening hours & terms of payment 2023-12-21

From January 2024 the official ticket offices of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore will be open at the following times: 'Brunelleschi' ticket office ... Read all

The treasures of the monuments of the cathedrals of Florence and Pistoia can be visited for the first time thanks to a combo online ticket 2023-07-31

An itinerary to discover the great masterpieces of art and architecture between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: from the two splendid silver altars ... Read all

The Luggage Storage is mandatory for visitors to the monumental complex of Piazza Duomo 2023-07-01

All ticket holders/visitors of the monumental complex of Piazza Duomo must first MANDATORY leave inside the Luggage Storage (Piazza Duomo n. 38/r) the ... Read all

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