Florentine craftsmen, Eight columns with historiated capitals

Florentine craftsmen
1490-1525 ca.
Teatrino mediceo
Original location
Cathedral, (choir enclosure?)
White marble
Height: 209,5 cm; Width: 27 cm; Depth: 27 cm;

Group of eight columns with a circular section, and historiated capitals, in pairs. These columns are perhaps to be identified with those that surmounted the enclosure of the choir of the Cathedral, before the construction of the monumental one by Bandinelli and Giuliano di Baccio d'Agnolo. They show stylistic characteristics that place them between the end of the fifteenth century and the first quarter of the following century. It may therefore be that they belonged to a marble choir built after the Brunelleschi wooden one, completed in 1439, which was dismantled, but partly incorporated into the new Bandinellian choir.

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Teatrino mediceo