Santa Reparata
Mosaic of the church

The floor 's most striking feature is an extremely fine polychrome mosaic with geometrical decorations, including the cross motif, reminiscent of the mosaic flooring in the cathedral of Aquileia. Particularly worthy of note is a splendid peacock symbolising immortality, one of the few figurative elements to have survived.

A mid-14th century Florentine fresco which adorned the semicircular wall of the right-hand apse, the work of a follower of Giotto, suggests that even though Santa Reparata's fate had been sealed by then and it was now encased in the shell of the new cathedral, the people of Florence still felt a strong attachment to their old basilica.

Santa Reparata hosts numerous gravestones, including the very fine tomb of Lando di Giano, a chaplain of Santa Reparata who died in 1353, the tomb of Niccolò Squarcialupi who died in 1313, the tomb of Giovanni Di Alamanno de' Medici who died in 1352, and possibly – though this has yet to be confirmed –the tombs of two popes, Stephen IX and maybe also Nicholas II, who was bishop of Florence in 1058. While archaeologists also discovered the tomb of Filippo Brunelleschi, no trace has been found of the graves of Giotto, Arnolfo di Cambio or Andrea Pisano even though tradition has it that they too were buried here.