Board of Trustees

Luca Bagnoli Chairman - email

Sergio Givone - Vice President

Giacomo Manetti Councilor

Domenico Mugnaini Councilor 

Antonio Natali Councilor 

Andrea Simoncini Councilor

Vincenzo Vaccaro - Councilor 


Lorenzo Luchetti - General Director - email

External Relations Area and Presidency Secretariat

Antonella Chiari - External Relations Area and Presidency Secretariat Manager - email

Leonardo Capanni - Digital Strategies & Data Analysis Coordinator -email 

Giovanni Serafini - Digital catalogue of the works of art collection "Arnolfo" Coordinator - email 

Mónica Serrano Segui - Communication Coordinator  - email  

Management Staff and Instrumental Services

Simone Baldini - Human Resources Manager - email

Elisa Suardi - Legal Office and Management Secretariat Manager - email

Barbara Ricci - Contracts Office Manager - email

Administrative Area

Lorella Pulice - Administrative Area Manager - email

Ugo Manzini - Accounting and Tax Office Coordinator - email

Bettina Maglioni - Management Control Coordinator - email

Leonardo Rossi - Purchasing Office Coordinator - email

Anna MerolaPurchasing Office Coordinator - email

Technical Area

Marcello Santini - Operations Manager - email

Samuele Caciagli - Technical Area Manager email

Beatrice Agostini - Restoration Office Manageremail

Marcello Del Colle - Restorers Coordinator email

Rita Filardi - Museum and Collections Office Coordinator - email

Massimo Cortopassi - IT Office Coordinatoremail

Alessandro Noccioli - Energy Coordinator - email

Carlo Tacconi - Building Coordinator email

Sonia Benci - General Services Coordinator - email

Historical Archive

Lorenzo Fabbri - Historical Archive Area Manager - email

Giuseppe Giari - Photographic Archive Coordinator email

Alice Filipponi - Historical Archive Coordinator - email

Visitors Relations and Accessibility Area

Marco Fredducci - Visitors Relations and Accessibility Area Manager - email

Gabriele Cappelli - Service Coordinator email

Paolo Ficcadenti - Service Coordinator - email

Claudio Mannelli - Service Coordinator - email

Luigi Tufariello - Service Coordinator email

Giovanna Calcinai - Guides and Customer Service Coordinator - email

Enrica Maria Paoletti - Education Office Coordinator - email

Sales OfficeSales email - Booking email